Poem a Day Challenge-reflection

Grace’s poem a day challenge reflection.

1.What did you learn from participating in the challenge?
I learned how to write different kind of poem and get confident writing me poem.
2.What did you enjoy about the challenge?
I enjoyed writing dowm my poems om my blog and telling our classmates.
3.What was difficult about the challenge?
The diffcult thing about the challenge was that it washard to post it every day.
4.What motivated you to stay in this challenge?
When Ms.Kim said that she will give a present to a person that participates in all made me motivate me to stay in the challenge.


Poem a Day Challenge#14

The Girl

Her nose,
red as a starwberry,
is always runny.
She hops as a buuny
and her tears drop as a rain drop.
Everytime as her felling change,
her emotion will change too.

Poem a Dat Challenge#13

Spooky Story

There’s this spooky story I know,
and it’s very spooky.
The spooky story might come to your dream,
might come to your life.
There’s this spooky story I know,
that you should never ignore..

Poem a Dat Challenge#12


I hate my friend.
He cma eback to me.
There’s so much to say.

The poem ends,
hard a it begins.
I hate my friend so much.

(This the opposite of a poem called”Poem” my Langston Hughes)

Poem a Day Challenge #11

On the Block

On the block
there’s a clock
that goes tick- tack- tock.

On the block
there’s a car
that goes honk-honk-honk.

On the block
there’s a shop
that goes blink- blink- blink

Now you know
whats on the block!

Poem a Day Challenge#10

The Turquiose Beach

In the turquiose beach
there is a beautiful shell.
The shell is magical,
the effects goes on to the beach.
As I get sad,
the turquiose beach gets darker.
As I get happy
the turquiose beach gets brighter.
The turquiose beach knows my feelings.

Poem a Day Challenge#9


There’s this person
I know.
She is fast as a fox,
sneaky as a snake,
and funny as a gorilla.

She always helped me
when ever I needed help.
You should meet her,
her name is Jenny.